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FIFA 18 Legend of the Olympic Kecha: Africa with the god of the band, 1V and more into the unoccupied

Recently, the game FIFA 18 new Icons SBC mission on the line, with high Okoco to come.

Okoco, born August 14, 1973 in Enugu, Nigeria, Leo, is the uncle of Arsenal Titan Ivoev, nicknamed the Flying Bird of Okhotsk is Nigerias history, the most famous star, career He is known for his magic dribbling skills, capable of overcoming the entire defensive line by one person.

Ao Kecha career the classic moment - Akira Kahn

Ao Kechao has played for Frankfurt, Fenerbahce, Paris Saint-Germain and other teams, his career accompanied by the legendary whirling legend, he is a typical fancy to be superior to the ideal to give up the giants of the football master . His brilliant moment is to help Nigeria win the 1996 Olympic Games mens soccer gold medal.

In the FIFA 18 game, with a total rating of 90 high Okco, height 1 m 73, weight 70 kg, five-star fancy. He dribbled up to 96 in the game, relying on dexterous dribbling to make him feel handy when offensive, feels like a combination of Modric and Neymar; his acceleration was top, sprinting faster and faster, Coco excels at catching the ball (ball 93), like a tumbler, balancing (89) and agile (93) are excellent and using him to drill with a loach when dealing with a defender, combining five-star fancy Its easy to get rid of your opponent. Orcocha is still a free kick (94) and a long-range guru, often making a beautiful world wave. Outside the restricted area players can use it to try long-range, with surprises.

Flying Bird magic dribbling skills and ability to create their own excellent, which is merit, but precisely because of this style of play, he is also known as lone wolf, and his teammates worse, but his biggest drawback is Defensive, as can be seen from the figure, the defensive data appalling, the basic is to attack only defensive midfielder.

Like to play fancy game player, you can consider starting Okoco, with his signature heel pull the ball extraordinary, pick the ball extraordinary, rainbow and other extraordinary fancy, feel a word: cool!

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