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FIFA 18 legend Rijkaard: loyal fans

Today, lets look at the game FIFA 18 icons with Rijkaard (90 capabilities).
On September 30, 1962, Rijkaard was born in a slum in Amsterdam. His mother was a Surinamese and his father was Dutch. He was a mixed race. He is one of the most famous players in the history of the Netherlands. He was once one of the famous Three Dutch Musketeers in the player era. Together with Gullit and Basten, he won numerous championships for AC Milan and the Dutch national team. Received numerous honors in his life, 5 times in the Dutch League 1 championship, 2 Serie A championships, 1 European Cup Winners Cup, 3 European Champions Cup championships, 3 European Super Cup championships, 3 Toyota Cup championships, and 1 European Cup champion. The best lineup in the 1988 European Football Championship, was named the worlds best star in 1989 and was selected as the best lineup in the world. In 1995, the beautiful and charming black swan announced its retirement.
Rijkaard can be said to be adhering to the essence of the Netherlands full attacking game. He is tall and has excellent skills under his feet. He was a fierce defender in stealing and was good at tightly manipulating and filling positions. The midfield organization was orderly, and his sights were wide and long and accurate. It was a front and back attack and defense center. Long-range is also very skillful. Heading and tackle are also his unique skills. It can play an important role both on the offensive and defensive. It can be said that besides the goalkeeper, he can play any position on the field and be a full-fledged soldier.

The high rating of Rijkaard in the game FIFA 18 is as high as 90. Its height of 1 meter 87 and weight of 85 kilograms ensure that its superior physical quality can always prevail in the fierce physical confrontation in the game. 90s possession, 90s short pass, and 87s long pass can give offensive skills, while 91s interception and steals can be used as the defensive protection. The 89s marking can also limit the opponents maximum. The core player. In addition to the 90s physical fitness, it can maintain its full strength during the 90-minute game.

We can take a look at Rijkaards usage assessments in the following video (source YouTube):
To make a high level with Rijkaard, the cost is different on all platforms. The most expensive PC needs 800,000 games, while the PS4 side is 630,000 games, and the xbox side is the cheapest to use 600,000 games.
After retiring, Rijkaard did not leave the stadium. Instead, he began his coaching career and continued to implement his all-attack philosophy. Both the Dutch National Team and Barcelona, Rijkaard was also Made a convincing achievement. After leading the Barcelona team to the Champions League in 2006, Rijkaard also won the Worlds Best Coach award that year.

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