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Flower penny to do great things: FIFA18 in 11 of the best free agents, it should have him!

FIFA18, which players after a year of career mode, can achieve visa? A few days ago, FourFourTwo columnist Fraser - Gilbert (Fraser Gilbert) for you the best of the selected FIFA18 11 free agent.


Do you know there are some in FIFA18 can travel is the best player? Actually find they are very simple - in career mode, the search for the contract is about to expire, then add them to your list. Then, six months before their contracts expire, try to sign them. With luck, you can not spend any money from the club to sign them.
Of course, this is not so simple. Players often require high salaries, the amount may be much more than your teams budget. With this in mind, we selected the 11 in FIFA18 career mode will become the free player, the player has both players can afford to pay (mostly), but also has good strength.
1. Lionel (keeper)


Estimate the salary: 80000 pounds
Players need to know the information: the ability to value of 85 German goalkeeper Lionel will let players have some cost, but he is worth the price. Lais wage demands in 80000 pounds, the bayer leverkusen keeper has good potential, and overall scores can reach 88. Lionel stance value is 85, diving value is 85, the shape of the hand value is 84, response value is 83, the German goalkeeper in FIFA18 has grown into one of the top goalkeepers in very much.
2. The capa (right-back)

Estimate the salary: 30000 pounds
Players need to know the information: in a real football, capa in recent and athletic bilbao has signed a four-year contract, the Spain defender will officially join the Basque lions next summer. In EA FIFA18, however, the situation has not been updated, so in the case of you can, be sure to snap up the talented at right-back. Capa endurance value is 91, the speed value is 87, balance value is 86, which makes the potential of copper is far more than he is currently the overall rating of 78.
3. The ancient ram (left)
Estimate the salary: 75000 pounds
Players need to know the information: Algeria have high reputation defender gholamreza Naples in recent years left a deep impression to the person. Gholamreza, the overall rating of potential in about 82, players can take advantage of his power, speed, and defensive skills, of course, good work efficiency and excellent endurance. The Algerian defender has been linked with some of the top clubs - so you make sure you get the first ancient ram!!!!
4. Jimenez (guard)


Estimate the salary: 75000 pounds
Players need to know the information, although already for the Uruguay national team more than 30 games, but the sheets legion centre-back Jimenez is still only 22 years old. So Jimenez in FIFA18 the potential is huge, the overall rating of the Uruguayan defender in the coming season can rise from 83 to 87 or so. Now Jimenez can bring players bounce, strength and excellent defensive data, in the next few years, he will become a world class defender.
5. Devry (guard)


Estimate the salary: 75000 pounds
Players need to know the information: the 2014 World Cup third place winner devry is expected to become one of the best point guard in the FIFA18. You will find at the beginning of the career mode, the overall rating of devry to reach 83, the Dutch defender marking capacity value is 87, steals value is 86, tackling ability value is 82. Poach devry from lazio is very difficult, but is well worth a try.
6. Muti mourinho (midfielder)


Estimate the salary: 50000 pounds
Players need to know the information: as you might expect, the Portuguese star muti mourinho is still FIFA18 a top player. The Monaco midfielder this year the overall score of 82 in FIFA18, jose mourinhos composure numerical (the ability to value attributes is similar to a state of mind, the higher the better performance, especially under the condition of backward) to 86, endurance value is 84, and a series of excellent skill attributes. Jose mourinhos international team appearances for more than 100 times, but also won the European cup champion, if you ignore him, then you are really crazy.
7. The figure nice (attacking midfielder)

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