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wowgoldweb Final Fantasy 36XV Xbox One X vs. Xbox One Comparison Shows a Massive Difference in Details

While the difference between Xbox One X and PS4 Pro on Final Fantasy XV is visible, moving from Xbox One to the new console will be a joy for the eyes.

Today Square Enix released an update for Final Fantasy XV adding support for Xbox One X,  and the first comparison videos are already starting to surface online.

YouTube user ElAnalistaDeBits provided a handy video comparison in 4K between Xbox One X and standard Xbox One, and the difference in the level of detail is downright massive. 

Granted, the Xbox One version was by far the worst one in terms of resolution when the game launched, but as you can see below, the game on Xbox One X is on an entirely different planet visually.

It isn’t just a matter of resolution, that is certainly much higher, but also draw distance shows a large improvement, contributing very heavily to the overall visual glitz.

If you’re more interested in comparing with PS4 Pro, there is a dedicated video for that as well. While the difference is certainly visible, with the Xbox One X version looking more defined across the board, we’re not looking at a different order of magnitude. One thing is for sure: the game looked pretty in its original incarnation, but the Xbox One X version looks fantastic.

While the update is already out, the Xbox One X version itself launches tomorrow (or tonight, if you have a store doing a midnight launch close by), November 7th.

On November 15th, Final Fantasy XV is going to receive the “Comrades” expansion, and you can enjoy some recent gameplay from Tokyo Game Show. A few weeks ago, we also learned that the game will keep receiving new content next year, past the original plan to end in 2017. The upcoming Episode Ignis story DLC will also come on December 13th, and it recently gota new trailer at Paris Games Week.

Final Fantasy XV is currently available for PS4 and Xbox One, and will release for PC in early 2018.

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